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The Roos Parish website seeks to provide useful information and news for residents of Roos, Tunstall, Hilston and Owstwick and others. Navigate through the various headings across the top of this page to discover more.

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 The parish benefits from community funds arising from renewable energy developments, in particular:



The Tedder Hill Wind Farm Fund


The next round for submission of applications has yet to open. However, applications to the Community Chest remain open.

This is for applications for projects or individual items costing less than £500.


For further information view the ERYC Rural Funding website

or contact a Parish Councillor


Roos Wind Farm (operated by RES - Renewable Energy Systems)

The RES Roos Wind Farm Fund for 2017 has now closed 

click here 

For further information please contact Claire Thomas 


Burton Pidsea Wind Farm (operated by Energiekontor)

will open early in 2018 however applications costing less than £500 may be submitted to the Community Chest.




*This fund is administered by Grantscape - Milton Keynes.

 Applications are made on-line.  The area of benefit is a coastal strip approximately 5 miles deep stretching from Flamborough to Kings Lynn.

For further details click here



Coastal Communities Fund

About the fund - Click here 
The outcomes of various consultation meetings have now been processed and schedules for potential development are announced. Some will benefit the parish.
For specific details click- Roos and Tunstall                           For general details click -  Coastal villages


Roos Parish Local Community Transport - The Hedon Shuttle


Note that ERYC consultation continues on alterations and possible reductions in Council  funded transport services. 


The Hedon Shuttle - Service CB 3  is a  pilot bus service - which currently runs from Burton Pidsea and Roos to Hedon.
Its schedule has recently been modified and now calls at  Preston (Sandhills Garden Centre) and Bilton (Asda).  
Click here for -The Timetable
Click here for - Latest details 

“Living on the Edge” 

 If your property lies adjacent to Roos Beck, then Roos Parish Council recommends that you acquire a copy of "Living on the Edge" by either downloading from  or from the download panel.
The booklet explains the rights and responsibilities of those living adjacent to a watercourse.
Please Note
The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is the overall risk management authority for Roos Beck.
In the event of a potential or flooding emergency caused by an obstruction, or any other flood risk in the watercourse then you should contact:

 East Riding of Yorkshire Council by telephoning:-

01482 395906/395707 or 01482 393939 (out of hours)





















































Living on the Edge- Riperian Ownership

Roos Parish Community Funds

Roos Wind Farm Fund

Burton Pidsea Wind Farm Fund

Tedder Hill Wind Farm Fund

The Rooster

The Rooster



 The Rooster has been re-launched.

Roos and District Horticultural Society